Healing Touch Spiritual Direction
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What happens in a Healing Touch Session

  • We begin with a conversation about what is happening in your life from diet and exercise to stress levels and concerns, injuries and surgeries, medications and self-care. This helps to determine the root cause of some physical pains and the best treatment for the session. All information shared is confidential.
  • Healing Touch is non-invasive and involves only intermittent, light touching and or "no touching" on a fully-clothed client. Effects of treatment can be felt immediately, but most often are noticed within a day or two. The client may sit or lie down while the practitioner passes their hands a few inches above the body and/or gently on the body to sense and manipulate energy within and around the client.
  • When the treatment is finished we will take some time to de-brief the sessions together. You will have the opportunity to ask more questions, or comment on your experience. It is your choice to make comments or not.

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