The Majors PT-Elements is a 127-items questionnaire that helps your clients learn valuable information about their psychological type (common 16 personality types). The report provides results on the dichotomies of Energy acquisition and distribution, Extraversion (external) and Introversion (internal); Perceiving or attending to information, Sensing and iNtuiting; Deciding or making judgments, Thinking and Feeling; Orientation to living, Judgment and Perception. The reported result for the individual's 16-type indication is given, as well as results on the 32 Elements sub-scales, which illuminate personality differences within the dichotomy or type. Finally the all NEW "Elements of Personality FormationTM" statements are given that help your clients understand some of the complex ways in that they interact with others, and respond to situations. A professional report page is provided to help you the professional give constructive feedback regarding all of the reported results. For more information, please contact Breckenridge Institute at info@breckenridgeinstitute.com.


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