The Authority Responsibility Power expanding profile (ARPe) is designed to identify the levels of authority and degrees of responsibility. A primary element of Authority is self trust. A key element of Responsibility is trusting personal action and trusting others in general. The ARPe assesses trust levels. In addition, bases of perceived power are ranked according to individual preferences.

The ARPe results will illustrate how well you know yourself, your willingness to assume responsibility, and the types of power which are most desirable to you. The ARPe is most useful in determining the potential amount of power you create when interacting with others.

Take the ARPe and help us gather data. The scores for Authority and Responsibility have established reliability and validity. However we need to establish scientific rigor for the trust scores. Please be aware of this as you interpret your scores.


To take the survey click:

Knowing how you present yourself, how you respond to and create power is useful in:
  • Focusing on your self-development;
  • Understanding others;
  • Leading a more productive personal life;
  • Charting a successful professional life;
  • Developing your leadership capacities;
  • Creating transforming power;
  • Interacting more effectively in groups: and
  • Becoming more valuable to your community in particular and society in general.
Download additional information. A paper 'Authority Responsibility and Power expanding (ARPe)' establishes the theoretical positions and articulates the primary assumptions of the ARPe. Feel free to download the pdf file. Read the paper and send us your comments.

The ARPe Introduction Workshop was particularly successful. The participants provided many suggestions and much insight to the continuing development of the ARPe.


We are now preparing several workshops in organizational settings to further investigate the viability of the trust building exercises and secure additional data on the survey itself.


If any of you would like to share your experiences, please send them to me and I will post them here.  We look forward to hearing from you.


With questions contact:

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for certification seminar, support workshops, and additional materials.

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