BRI™ Corporate Version


Understanding, managing and/or working effectively in a work-group of 20 people takes an enormous amount of time and energy because one has to maintain a balance between conflicting or competing interests in a complex system of coalitions of 2s, 3s, and 4s who "see" themselves, others, and the world very differently. For example, in a group of 20 people, a manager has to keep track of nineteen relationships between them and others, plus 171 third-party relationships. The dynamics of these third-party relationships change again when they combine into coalitions of 3s and 4s that may have conflicting or competing interests.

The patterns of interaction in these key work relationships can be your best friend or your worst enemy. They can work for you when you and your direct reports affirm each other and build relationships on a foundation of constructive emotional messages. But the pattern of interaction and repository of interaction can also create a self-defeating cycle that causes you and your direct reports to spiral into the same conflict over and over again without knowing why. Like an ocean current that pulls coworkers down into the deep waters of emotions, these patterns of destructive conflict draw people into interactions that frustrate and undermine effective work relationships.

The BRI™ Corporate version report will reveal many of the root causes of ineffective communication between managers and their direct reports. It will give you practical strategies to evaluate, strengthen, and maintain your significant relationships.

Business Applications – Because it evaluates one-on-one relationships, the BRI™ Corporate version is typically used by managers, supervisors to:

  • Define Common Purpose and Goals
  • Improve Performance and Morale
  • Manage Conflict
  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Creative Problem-Solving
  • Coach Direct Reports Within the Context of the Work-Group’s Goals

For more information on the BTI™ and the Breckenridge Institute’s on-line, mentor-based qualifying program just click on the link below.


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