BRI™ Corporate Couples Version


Increasing pressures on today’s professionals combined with the frenetic pace of life makes work-life balance in couples and family relationships increasingly difficult to develop and maintain. From the CEO or business owner down to front-line supervisors, frequent job changes; relocations; changes in leadership; merger and acquisitions; increased production quotas and goals; and frequent reorganizations create enormous stress for the people who work in organizations, and for those who oversee the domestic activities of the home. In addition, the positive and negative pressures of our technologically-connected world powerfully shape the culture and climate in families.

The Breckenridge Relationship Indicator™ (BRI™) is a unique approach to improving relationships that is not just another quick fix. Based on scientific research into what makes relationships work effectively, the BRI™ reveals the hidden laws of relationships. The BRI™ couples report will reveal many of the root causes of frequent disagreements and ineffective communication that can undermine self-esteem, create conflict about differences in lifestyle, and foster attitudes that create enormous challenges for today’s couples. The BRI™ will give you practical strategies to evaluate, strengthen, and maintain your marriage and other significant relationships.

Applications – The BRI™ Corporate Couples version is typically used by couples to:

  • Define Common Purpose and Goals in the Relationship
  • Manage Conflict with Your Partner and Children
  • Improve Communication with Your Partner and Children
  • Increase Creative Problem-Solving
  • Build Deeper Understanding about How to More Effectively Meet Others’ Preferences and Needs

For more information on the BTI™ and the Breckenridge Institute’s on-line, mentor-based qualifying program just click on the link below.


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