Future Systems Consulting has successfully differentiated change and transformation. Incremental change can affect individuals and organizations in predictable ways. Transformation can radically move individuals and organizations to increased levels of effectiveness, complexity, and productivity. Future Systems Consulting offers several products to assist with Culture Change and Transformation.

Culture Assessment is a primary product of Future Systems Consulting. Knowing the values, character, and behaviors of the organization provides essential insights for success. Cultural assessments involve the careful blending of both qualitative and quantative data. Future Systems Consulting offers clear expertise in such endeavors. The Cultural Assessment process is as follows:
  • Decision-makers identify key values and behaviors to be assessed
  • Working together we agree on basic format and implementation
Information and Cooperation
  • Focus groups clarify the values and behaviors
  • Interviews provide additional insight
Selection of data gathering tools and methodology
  • We develop the practical background for the construction of tools
  • We create a draft of the assessment
  • Working together we review the draft and make revisions
  • We finalize the tools and establish a framework for your database
Commitment to the methodology

Conducting the assessment
  • Data is gathered individually or in group settings
  • The data is processed
  • Individual and composite reports are generated
Presentation of the results
  • We present executive summaries and recommendations
  • Conclusions and recommendations are discussed and disseminated
  • We provide extended analysis and reports We offer group de-briefings if desired
  • We offer an interpretation of individual results as appropriate
  • Databases are provided or maintained by FSC

Change Management can be coordinated to produce transformation. That is, if change is well managed it can be leveraged to produce effects well beyond the original objectives. By understanding and appreciating the distinctions between change and transformation you can create more effective interventions. You then can obtain greater yields on your invested resources.
Learning the Wave
  • Basic understanding of change theory is created
  • Differences between change and transformation is established
  • Determination of placement on the Wave is conducted
  • Concerns for where we are on the wave are heard
  • Persons, tasks, and organizational values are aligned
Managing Change and Preparing for Transformation
  • Plans are created for leveraging the change process
  • Productivity goals are set
  • New skill sets are established
Committing to Transformation

Creating the Future
  • Implementing the plans set earlier
  • Ensuring a critical mass is established to create a transformation
  • Evaluating the changes and determining the transformation
  • Celebrating the process ensuring that it can be repeated
  • Celebrating the contributions of individuals

International Partnering efforts is a unique outcome of the international structures of Future Systems Consulting. Our work with and studies of various international endeavors provide a broad data base from which to compare your organization.
Understanding Cultural Differences
  • Conducting culture assessment
  • Creating understanding of the differences
  • Appreciating the differences and commonalties of the cultures
  • Hearing the concerns of the individuals entering the partnership
Establishing the Partnership
  • Providing organizational clarity
  • Establishing organizational character
  • Increasing authority and responsibility
  • Learning productive modes to deal with conflict
  • Understanding different perceptions of power
  • Learning appropriate leadership styles
Committing to the Partnership

Implementing the Partnership
  • Practicing the new skills
  • Demonstrating that collaboration is productive
Celebrating the Work Together
  • Evaluating collaborative skills
  • Reviewing the successes of the partnership
  • Correlating the results of the partnership with financial movement

Pre-Merger Evaluation increases your chances of success as you move toward a new future. Organizations can be nurtured, organized, and structured to peak efficiency. Mergers can be designed to succeed or fail. Assessment, stragegic pre-planning, and preparation are essential for success.
Creating Awareness
  • Culture assessments are conducted
  • Compatibilities are determined
Alignment of the Collaborators
  • Culture assessments are shared with leaders
  • Dissemination to wider audience is conducted
  • Shared concerns are heard
Merger Plans are Created with Cultural Awareness
  • Interventions are created
  • Programs are planned
Widespread Commitment to the Merger is Secured

Integration Plans are Implemented
  • Guided implementation ensures success
  • Wide spread participation by participants is attained
  • Collaborative community skills are utilized
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods are employed to gather data
  • Progress is established
  • Success is celebrated

Post-Merger Integration is essential as differing cultures come together. Mergers can be moved to higher levels of success if implemented with insight and care. The challenges of the first year(s) ought to be met with a clear plan and a proactive reponse. Future Systems Consulting provides you with such skills for long-term success.
  • Immediate challenges are identified
  • Long term goals are established
  • Leadership articulates new cultural values
  • Leadership spells out the skills for the future
  • Leaders are given opportunity to align personal values with cultural values
  • Associates examine their postures
Managerial Considerations
  • Plans are established to ensure the values are practiced
  • Interventions are set ensuring skills for the future
Commitment is made to Living the Values

  • Values are demonstrated in concrete behaviors
  • Skills for the future emerge in the learning community
  • Merger evaluations are conducted
  • People are celebrated in the new culture

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