Creative Risk Taking is a necessity for individual and corporate success. The Creatrix Inventory is designed to help you explore how creative risk taking contributes to your well-being and the health of your organization.

Creativity and Risk Taking - The Challenge Only by tapping our creativity and risk-taking capacity can we succeed in business and in life. Creativity and risk taking can be practiced. You can become more aware of both. Your company can become more aware of both. The vitality and performance of your company depends on your willingness to increase your innovative capacity and your company's willingness to support you in this effort.
Are you as creative as you want to be? Do you take the risks you want to? Have you been told lately, that was an "innovative", "creative" risk-taking idea, product or "service"?
Discover how creativity and risk taking impact your own personal success and that of your business. Learn how to increase your innovative capacity. Take the Creatrix Inventory and contact the Creatrix Team for workshops and consultations, and one-of-a-kind innovative coaching.
The Richard Byrd Company Over thirty years ago the Byrd Company under the direction of
Dr. Richard E. Byrd, a pioneer in the area of organizational development, designed the first laboratory on Creative Risk Taking. He authored the classic, A Guide to Personal Risk Taking, published by AMACOM.
Today, the Creatrix Team, under the leadership of Dr. Jacqueline L. Byrd, continue to work with organizations to effect major organizational changes through greater risk taking as well as coaching individuals on when, why and how to take greater risks. Feel free to contact Jacqueline Byrd for additional information and consultations.
Preapproved customers can take the Creatrix Inventory online by proceeding to the Customer Entrance. If you are not preapproved, please contact us.

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