Our extensive experience and training in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies allows us to offer a broad spectrum of approaches to secure useful information to assist individuals and organizations in their quest for success. Designed to be client specific, you are assured to receive data that can be immediately useful and serve as a baseline by which you can measure your progress.

Survey Development is done to meet your needs and to your specifications. Future Systems Consulting offers a range of survey development options including such areas as customer value-added, people (employee) value-added, supplier perspectives, 360 degree feedforward, program evalutaion, and personal profiling.
Articulation of the Topic(s) to be Investigated
  • Clarification of the issues to be measured
  • Agreement on the parameters of format and implementation
  • A draft of the survey is shared
  • Concerns are heard and incorporated
Construction of the Survey
  • Final drafts of the survey are pre-tested
  • Revisions are made
Commitment to Move Ahead

Conducting the Survey
  • The survey is administered
  • Data is gathered
  • Analysis is conducted
  • Reports are written
Sharing the Results
  • Executive summaries are provided
  • Discussions with leaders are conducted
  • Group sessions are held providing extended meaning to the results
  • Databases are shared or maintained by FSC

Other tools such as the MBTI, ARP, C&RT, and CLQ are often used as a part our customized approach. These tools are on the web and may be used as stand-alone options as well.

High Potential Assessment or high potential identification is an important concern for many of our customers. Potential for success resides in elements of authority, responsibility, decision-making, perception, conflict resolution, and sources of energy. Assessing these characteristics yields information for potential development at both the individual and the organizational level.
  • Decision-makers identify desired values and skills for the future
  • High potential standards are set
  • Individuals select desired career patterns
Personal Concerns
  • Specific issues of concern are heard and included in the assessment
  • Working together we set the methodology and select the tools
Managerial Considerations
  • The design of the tools is set
  • Individual self-report and/or 360-degree observations are decided
  • The designs of the reports are set
Commitment to the Assessment is Secured

Implementing the Assessment
  • Data is gathered and processed
  • Reports are written
  • Standards are reviewed
Presentation of the Results
  • Reports are provided to the individual or supervisor as pre design
  • Databases are given to client or maintained by FSC

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