Future Systems Consulting is involved in researching and creating the future. Securing good data is an essential part of what we do. We offer only reliable and valid measurement tools for your use.

The ARP Inventory is designed to identify the levels of authority and degrees of responsibility assumed by an individual. In addition, bases of power are ranked according to individual preference. The results will help show how you view yourself relative to others, your willingness to assume responsibility, the types of power which are most desirable to you, and the amount of power you create when interacting with others.
Knowing how you present yourself and how you respond to and create power is useful in your own self-development, understanding others, leading a more productive personal and professional life, interacting more effectively in groups and becoming more valuable to society.
Survey Creator Provides expert programming, design, and question writing advice enabling you to gather data in the most efficacious manner.
TIA Transition Intervention Analysis is designed to determine the state of a congregation or parish as leadership is changed. 
Power Potential Profile is a customized survey to determine the human capital in an organization and extract the potential that exists. 
The CAS System Change affects us all. The CAS System provides and individual and organizational assesment of your ability to Create, Accelerate, and Sustain Change. The insights gained allow you to leverage the momentum of change to your advantage. Knowing the successful change leadership pracatices will place you at a distinct advantage.

The CLQ 360 The most reliable indicator of future success is derived from the ratings of your behaviors by those around you. The Corporate Leadership Questionnaire (CLQ) provides just such indicators in a 360 degree feedback format focusing on five core competencies: Anticipatory Skills, Visioning, Value Congruence, Empowerment, and Self-Understanding / Self-Development.
The CLQ can be used by corporate assessment centers, leadership development programs and management groups who are examining their strenghts and weaknesses. Please contact us if you are interested further in the CLQ.
A survey created to assess the degree to which you trust yourself and others and how you may use this insight to build relationships.

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