Working with individuals in leadership positions produces change in individuals with an appreciation for the impact that they will have on the organization. Care is taken to ensure alignment of person, task, and organizational vision, mission and values.

Transformational Leadership requires the understanding and exhibiting of authority and responsibility as power is created. There are promising trends in leadership that may be transformational in and of themselves. We focus on providing the best research and the most recent insight as we offer opportunities to leaders.
Articulating Transformational Leadership
  • Understanding idealized influence
  • Understanding inspirational motivation
  • Understanding intellectual stimulation
  • Understanding individualized consideration
Personal Concerns
  • Identifying your preferred leadership style
  • Establishing personal authority, responsibly and perceived power
  • Clarifying your strengths and areas for development
Learning Leadership
  • Clarifying transformational leadership
  • Recognizing transactional and laissez-faire leadership
  • Knowing the pathways to power
  • Creating a developmental plan
Committing to Transformational Leadership

Practicing Transformational Leadership
  • Specified activities to increase leadership potential
  • Observations by FSC to provide immediate support and suggestion
  • Following developmental plan
  • Observing others react to the transformational leadership style
Evaluation of Progress
  • Re-assessment of preferred leadership style
  • Documenting progress
  • Setting new goals for the next level

Differentiated Leadership Styles are created in the context of the organization. Situational leadership styles emerge and become differentiated as executives develop as individuals. In addition, organizations require different leadership models as they progress through various phases of change. These leadership styles can be taught, learned, and exhibited.
Situational Leadership
  • Understanding different needs during organization development
  • Understanding personal and professional growth
Personal Concerns
  • Assessing preferred leadership style
  • Determining levels of authority
  • Identifying degrees of responsibility
  • Clarifying perceived bases of power
Considering the Future
  • Planning for what is necessary in organization development
  • Matching your characteristics to the needs of the people
  • Establishing a development plan to meet more needs of the people
Committing to Move Forward

Implementing Your Development Plan
  • Practicing your preferred style
  • Exhibiting new styles
  • Following your development plan
Assessing Your Success
  • Determining how well you matched your style with needs of others
  • Celebrating your progress
  • Reflecting on success and setting direction for next steps

Personal and Spiritual Growth is a direct articulation of our values. Leaders who reflectively focus on their particular strengths and challenges grow personally and professionally. As Teilhard de Chardin suggested, "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a human journey." We cannot deny bringing spirituality into the workplace, therefore we offer it as a natural part of what we do.
Personal Visioning
  • Creating a vision for the rest of your life
  • Incorporating personal and professional development
Personal Concerns
  • Assessing strengths/areas for development
  • Aligning personal growth and professional advancement
  • Incorporating all aspects of life
Managerial Considerations
  • Determining what gives meaning to your life/work
  • Designing ways to connect with others in meaningful ways
  • Creating pathways to real power
Committing to Self and Others

  • Practicing holistic leadership
  • Seeing the meaning of what you are doing
  • Connecting with others in more productive ways
  • Re-assessing where you are
  • Appreciating the movement toward individuation/completion
  • Knowing that you are more than you were

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